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Smith Greene
Providence Journal, Providence, RI, 17 August 1905, page 7.

    The oldest resident of Auburn passed away yesterday morning, when Smith Green, who had lived in the village all his life, died at his home at 86 Maple Avenue* from an attack of heart disease. Mr. Green was in the best of health until last fall, when he commenced to decline, and for the last two weeks he had been confined to his bed.
    He was born in Auburn May 20, 1836, and was the son of Preserved and Mary Green, both of Cranston. At the time of his youth schools were very few in his vicinity and consequently his education was rather limited. Ever since he was a boy he had been interested in farming and during the past 20 years had owned a little farm of his own. Besides working around his place he also did odd jobs in the winter time.
    In about the year 1860 he married, and is survived by his wife, Amanda. From that union there were six children, five of whom still live. They are Byron C., Walter E., Frank O., Herbert S. and Mary H., now Mrs. Walter Henry. The two oldest sons are also married.
    Mr. Green served a number of years in the Civil War and received a pension. He was always fond of recounting incidents relating to the Rebellion, and his story of the retreat at the first battle of Bull Run never failed to elicit much laughter from his hearers.
    His life was always a quiet one. He never belonged to any societies, but always took great interest in local politics. In fact, he was a typical  old-fashioned Yankee, and was well liked by all his neighbors. He was one of a very long-lived family, as his father died at a very advanced age, and he is still survived by three brothers and a sister.
    The funeral will take place from the late home of the deceased, 86 Maple Wood Avenue*, Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

*Note: Transcribed as printed. Address is listed both ways in the obituary.

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