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Ackley, Joseph Warren (marriage to Lucy Maria Greene) (i4313), b.1816-d.1890


Addie A. (marriage to Alfred W. Greene) (i4310), b.1876-


Albee, Prudence (marriage to Benjamin Greene) (i649), b.1770-


Alice E. Darling (marriage to William Barton Blifford) (i4268) (living status unknown)


Arnold, Albert Clark (i588), b.1855-d.1922
Arnold, Albert Clark Jr. (i3598), b.1891-
Arnold, Alice M. (i3615), b.1897-d.1900
Arnold, Annie (i3596), b.1889-d.1890
Arnold, Charles Perry (i599), b.1869-d.1902
Arnold, Clark (i4280), b.1895-
Arnold, Cora Bell (i3605), b.1871-
Arnold, Edna (i4279), b.1898-d.1967
Arnold, Ella Luetta (i590), b.1859-d.1927
Arnold, Emma May (i3654), b.1877-d.1958
Arnold, George C. (i3676), b.1873-
Arnold, Gilbert Greene (i589), b.1853-d.1933
Arnold, Hannah Elizabeth (marriage to George Wesley Greene) (i3532), b.1852-d.1923
Arnold, Herbert K (i3601), b.1893-
Arnold, Ida M. (i3592), b.1896-
Arnold, James Henry (i3597), b.1880-d.1936
Arnold, James Walter (i597), b.1865-
Arnold, James Walter Jr. (i4263), b.1891-d.1963
Arnold, Job (i592), b.1851-d.1854
Arnold, Joseph A. (i3677), b.1875-
Arnold, Mabel (i3593), b.1884-d.1954
Arnold, Malinda M. (i591), b.1850-d.1922
Arnold, Mary C (i595), b.1862-
Arnold, Mary Elizabeth (i3595), b.1882-
Arnold, Mercy Ann (i3551), b.1874-d.1959
Arnold, Perry (marriage to Abigail Sophronia Greene) (i587), b.1819-d.1899
Arnold, Perry Stephen (i3602), b.1901-d.1974
Arnold, Sarah A. (i3599), b.1878-
Arnold, Sarah F. (i593), b.1857-
Arnold, Stephen Douglas (i3550), b.1873-d.1957
Arnold, Susan Angeline (i596), b.APR-
Arnold, Thomas E. (i594), b.1861-
Arnold, Thomas E. (i3600), b.1887-d.1905
Arnold, Unknown (i3594), b.1880-d.1900
Arnold, Unknown (i3616), b.1899-d.1900
Arnold, William Henry (i598), b.1867-d.1943


Arthur, Annie M. (marriage to Embert Reuben Greene) (i4301) (living status unknown)


Austin, Edith Marinda (i653), b.1871-
Austin, Horatio (marriage to Olive Melissa Greene) (i652)
Austin, Irene (i644)
Austin, Mabel (i642), b.1904-
Austin, Marion (i643)
Austin, Walter (marriage to Lilla Alice Straight) (i641)
Austin, William Dexter (i3553), b.1874-
Austin, William Herbert (marriage to Sarah F. Arnold) (i3552), b.1856-d.1935


Ballou, Everett Javin (marriage to Minnie L. Greene) (i4294), b.1879-


Barker, Mary Eliza (marriage to William Henry Arnold) (i3591), b.1870-d.1938


Blifford, Annie M. (i4269), b.1884-
Blifford, George H. (i4270), b.1886-
Blifford, John (marriage to Martha T. Rathbun) (i4265) (living status unknown)
Blifford, John F. (i4266), b.1881-d.1909
Blifford, Martha A. (i4271), b.1888-
Blifford, William Barton (i4267), b.1883-d.1934


Briggs, Clarence Everett Jr. (i957), b.1909-d.1990
Briggs, Clarence Everett (marriage to Laura Barker Greene) (i39), b.1885-d.1918
Briggs, Dorothy May (i959), b.1916-d.1988
Briggs, Laura Beatrice (i9) b.1907-d.1972
Briggs, Leonard Paul (i961), b.1920-d.1990
Briggs, Phebe Ann (i960), b.1911-d.1914


Carter, Benjamin Nelson (marriage to Eva Agnes Straight) (i633), b.1863-d.1962
Carter, Donald C. (i639), b.1908-d.2001
Carter, Elwood (i638) (still alive)
Carter, Gladys A. (i634), b.1896-
Carter, Hazel (i637), b.1898-
Carter, Mabel R. (i3571), b.1893-d.1897


Crone, Florence M. (marriage to George H. Blifford) (i4273) (living status unknown)


Crumb, Chester E. (i3650), b.1876-
Crumb, Ella L. (Or R.) (marriage to Gilbert Greene Arnold) (i3527), b.1852-d.1930


Damon, Edith Ann (i3726), b.1872-
Damon, Edward (marriage to Sophronia Amanda Taft) (i3719), b.1825-d.1862
Damon, Florence May (i3732), b.1877-d.1927
Damon, Frank Edward (i3722), b.1849-d.1936
Damon, William Edward (i3730), b.1874-


Darling, Jay E. (marriage to Clara V. Greene) (i661), b.1870-d.1928
Darling, Lloyd (i668) (living status unknown)


Day, Edwin A. (marriage to Elsie May Greene) (i660), b.1893-d.1981


Dohring, Ernest H. (marriage to Annie Mae Jordan) (i3679) (living status unknown)


Emma F. (marriage to Thomas Rodman Rathbun) (i4278), b.1861-


Evans, Elizabeth Amanda (marriage to William Lincoln Straight) (i621), d.1928


Fallon, Mary Ann (marriage to James Walter Arnold) (i4260), b.1861-


Flint, Henry J. (marriage to Bertha Evelyn Young) (i3686), b.1894-d.1973


Gaddis, Bessie M. (i3570), b.1898-d.1898
Gaddis, Ella M. (i612), b.1892-
Gaddis, Eva Agnes (i614), b.1900-d.1990
Gaddis, John (marriage to Mary L. Straight) (i611), b.1866-d.1927
Gaddis, John Lester (i613), b.1896-
Gaddis, Raymond (i616) (still alive)


Goodby, Earl Eugene (marriage to Arlene Benita Mowry) (i3612) (living status unknown)


Gorton, Mary E. (marriage to Albert Clark Arnold) (i3559), b.1856-


Green, Frances (marriage to Francis P. Greene) (i4316), b.1819-d.1884


Greene, Abbie Ann (i657), b.1883-d.1956
Greene, Abigail Sophronia (i576), b.1832-d.1901
Greene, Alfred W. (i4298), b.1873-
Greene, Amanda Mahala (i579), b.1838-d.1892
Greene, Aurrilla A. (i4297), b.1870-
Greene, Benjamin (i648), b.1762-d.1844
Greene, Benjamin F. (i4300), b.1878-
Greene, Bertha M. (i4296), b.1887-
Greene, Byron Clark (i955), b.1862-
Greene, Byron Van Buren (i582), b.1845-d.1915
Greene, Carrie Betsey (i4325), b.1860-d.1864
Greene, Charles Henry (i585), b.1853-d.1926
Greene, Charles Henry Jr. (i655), b.1878-d.1878
Greene, Child (i3651) (living status unknown)
Greene, Child (i3652) (living status unknown)
Greene, Child (i3653) (living status unknown)
Greene, Clara V. (i656), b.1880-d.1953
Greene, Edwin W. (i3546), b.1880-
Greene, Elsie May (i658), b.1893-d.1978
Greene, Embert Reuben (i4288), b.1863-d.1940
Greene, Embert Reuben Greene Jr. (i4303) (still alive)
Greene, Emily (i4323), b.1855-
Greene, Emma (i4322), b.1854-d.1864
Greene, Francis P. (i4315), b.1819-d.1872
Greene, Frank Otis (i3544), b.1879-d.1961
Greene, George Wesley (i583), b.1847-
Greene, Herbert Smith (i3545), b.1885-
Greene, John A. (i4305) (still alive)
Greene, John W. (i575), b.1858-d.1858
Greene, Joseph (i3543), b.1873-d.1879
Greene, Joseph (i3584), b.1789-d.1866
Greene, Katherine E. (i4326), b.1863-d.1937
Greene, Laura Barker (i40), b.1885-d.1970
Greene, Lillian F. (i659), b.1896-d.1896
Greene, Louis W. (i654), b.1877-d.1891
Greene, Louisa (i4318), b.1848-d.1860
Greene, Lucy Maria (i4312), b.1824-d.1903
Greene, Luella A. (i4299), b.1875-
Greene, Lyman (i3581) (living status unknown)
Greene, Margaret L. (i4304) (still alive)
Greene, Marian A. (i4302) (still alive)
Greene, Mary Frances (i4317), b.1846-
Greene, Mary Huldah (i3542), b.1876-
Greene, Melina (i4320), b.1852-
Greene, Melinda F. (i4319), b.1849-
Greene, Minerva (i4321), b.1854-
Greene, Minerva Maria (i580), b.1841-d.1900
Greene, Minnie L. (i4290), b.1886-
Greene, Olive Melissa (i584), b.1849-
Greene, Polly (i4314), b.1834-d.1841
Greene, Preserved S. (i573), b.1806-d.1900
Greene, Reuben (i3580), b.1804-
Greene, Reuben (i4286), b.1839-d.1891
Greene, Sarah F. (i581), b.1844-d.1924
Greene, Simeon (i3585), b.1791-
Greene, Smith A. (i578), b.1836-d.1905
Greene, Sophronia (i577), b.1833-
Greene, Sylvia (i3586), b.1801-
Greene, Walter Everett (i3539), b.1867-
Greene, Willie Frank (i4324), b.1858-d.1858


Harrington, Everett F. (marriage to Ida H. Studley) (i3693) (living status unknown)


Harry, Sarah Jane (marriage to Walter Everett Greene) (i3561), b.1866-


Harvey, Mary (marriage to Preserved S. Greene) (i3531), b.1795-d.1879


Hazard, Thomas Peckham (marriage to Minerva Maria Greene) (i651), b.1843-d.1906


Henry, Milton (i4106), b.1908-d.1908
Henry, Raymond E. (i4107) (still alive)
Henry, Walter I (marriage to Mary Huldah Greene) (i4104), b.1875-
Henry, Walter I. (i4105), b.1899-d.1901


Horton, Fred (marriage to Gladys A. Carter) (i635) (living status unknown)


Houlker, Margaret Alma (marriage to Lewis Winfield Longley) (i670), b.1907-d.1984


Hutchinson, Phebe Ann (marriage to Charles Henry Greene) (i586), b.1858-d.1936


Jordan, Annie Mae (i3674), b.1902-d.1987
Jordan, Benjamin Lewis (marriage to Emma May Arnold) (i3655) (living status unknown)
Jordan, Louis V. (i3678) (living status unknown)
Jordan, William D. (i3675) (living status unknown)


Kettell, Annie Josephine (marriage to Stephen Douglas Arnold) (i3589), b.1873-d.1952


Knight, Adeline (marriage to Byron Clark Greene) (i3560) (living status unknown)
Knight, Charles Everett (i647), b.1873-
Knight, Clarence Tillinghast (i646), b.1866-
Knight, Elmer Leroy (i3537), b.1885-
Knight, Frederick Eugene (i650), b.1862-d.1926
Knight, George Henry (i3530), b.1869-
Knight, Grace Lillian (i3538), b.1888-d.1943
Knight, Josephine (i684), b.1864-d.1866
Knight, Minnie T. (marriage to Frederick Eugene Knight) (i683)
Knight, Sheldon Tillinghast (marriage to Sarah F. Greene) (i645), b.1842-d.1922
Knight, Walter Herbert (i3536), b.1880-d.1928


Lawther, Mary (marriage to William Roosevelt Secor) (i607)


Lee, Olive (marriage to Reuben Greene) (i3583) (living status unknown)


Longley, Gladys M. (i664), b.1907-d.1966
Longley, Joseph E. (marriage to Abbie Ann Greene) (i662), b.1882-d.1970
Longley, Lewis Winfield (i663), b.1904-d.1947


Lucy M. (marriage to Thomas Rodman Rathbun) (i4277), b.1895-


Macker, Amanda J. (marriage to Reuben Greene) (i4287), b.1846-


Mary L. (marriage to Perry Stephen Arnold) (i3614), b.1909-d.1974


Mason, William G. (marriage to Martha A. Blifford) (i4274) (living status unknown)


Massey, William J. (marriage to Annie M. Blifford) (i4272) (living status unknown)


Matilda R (marriage to Thomas Rodman Rathbun) (i4275), b.1848-


Mcclenathan, Warren (marriage to Sophronia Amanda Taft) (i3721), b.1825-


Mills, Joseph (marriage to Gladys M. Longley) (i665), b.1902-d.1958


Minnie T. (marriage to Frederick Eugene Knight) (i3535), b.1863-d.1932


Morse, Polly (marriage to Joseph Greene) (i4311), b.1789-d.1861


Mowry, Almon Herbert (i3610) (still alive)
Mowry, Arlene Benita (i3611), b.1925-d.1996
Mowry, Forrest Greene (i3608), b.1909-d.1992
Mowry, Kenneth Mason (i3607), b.1908-d.1989
Mowry, Ruth Fargo (i3613) (still alive)
Mowry, Sheldon (i3691) (living status unknown)
Mowry, Walter (marriage to Grace Lillian Knight) (i3606), b.1882-d.1937
Mowry, Warren Knight (i3609) (still alive)


Newton, Mary (marriage to Preserved S. Greene) (i574), b.1812-d.1858


Packer, Edmund Thompson (marriage to Edith Ann Damon) (i3727), b.1869-


Paine, Joseph (marriage to Minnie L. Greene) (i4291), b.1880-d.1904


Parkhurst, Irving (marriage to Annie Mae Jordan) (i3680) (living status unknown)


Rathbun, Annie M. (i682), b.1869-
Rathbun, Emmett L. (marriage to Ella Luetta Arnold) (i3657), b.1850-
Rathbun, Hattie M. (i681), b.1866-
Rathbun, Marian R. (marriage to Forrest Greene Mowry) (i3641), b.1913-d.1997
Rathbun, Martha T. (i3534), b.1864-
Rathbun, Thomas Rodman (i3533), b.1862-
Rathbun, William Barton (marriage to Minerva Maria Greene) (i680), b.1839-d.1878


Rose, Nancy Tryphena (marriage to Gilbert Greene Arnold) (i3659), b.1856-d.1924


Rumbles, Etta Elizabeth (marriage to James Henry Arnold) (i4285), b.1879-d.1925


Secor, Caroline A. (i3529), b.1895-
Secor, Edith A. (i604), b.1887-
Secor, Mae L. (i603), b.1883-
Secor, Roosevelt Graves III (i608) (still alive)
Secor, Roosevelt Graves Jr. (marriage to Ida Straight) (i602), b.1861-d.1950
Secor, William Roosevelt (i606), b.1890-d.1959


Sherman, Charles E. (marriage to Susan Angeline Arnold) (i3671), b.1854-d.1934


Sisson, William (marriage to Malinda M. Arnold) (i3528), d.1922


Stone, Amanda M. (marriage to Smith A. Greene) (i954)


Straight, Clifford Aubrey (marriage to Eva Agnes Gaddis) (i615), b.1897-d.1990
Straight, Daniel Palmer (i617), b.1866-d.1941
Straight, Ethel Amanda (i627) (still alive)
Straight, Eva Agnes (i632), b.1873-d.1969
Straight, Ida (i601), b.1860-d.1933
Straight, Leila May (marriage to Charles Perry Arnold) (i3656), b.1879-d.1930
Straight, Leila May (marriage to James Walter Arnold) (i3656), b.1879-d.1930
Straight, Lilla Alice (i609), b.1862-d.1876
Straight, Lilla Alice (i640), b.1876-d.1931
Straight, Mahala Parasaide (i629), b.1870-
Straight, Mary L. (i610), b.1864-d.1938
Straight, Ruth (i619) (living status unknown)
Straight, Stafford Greene (marriage to Amanda Mahala Greene) (i600), b.1838-d.1920
Straight, William Henry (i622), b.1896-
Straight, William Lincoln (i620), b.1869-d.1935


Studley, Arthur Edward (i3558), b.1886-d.1949
Studley, Elnora Florance (i3555), b.1873-
Studley, Grace F. (i3557), b.1877-
Studley, Ida H. (i3692), b.1880-
Studley, Otis A. (marriage to Malinda M. Arnold) (i3554), b.1847-d.1915
Studley, Stillborn (i3556), b.1873-d.1873
Studley, Zibas (marriage to Elnora Florance Studley) (i4264), b.1871-


Swanson, Huldah E. (marriage to Arthur Edward Studley) (i3617) (living status unknown)


Sweet, Clara (marriage to Daniel Palmer Straight) (i618)


Taft, Abigail Maria (i3714), b.1824-d.1847
Taft, Charles Lewis (i3716), b.1831-d.1876
Taft, Daughter (i3717), b.1836-d.1836
Taft, Levi Augustus (i3718), b.1838-d.1842
Taft, Lewis (marriage to Sylvia Greene) (i3713), b.1803-
Taft, Sophronia Amanda (i3715), b.1827-


Tennant, Thomas (marriage to Susan Angeline Arnold) (i3668) (living status unknown)


Trask, Miranda Freelove (marriage to Embert Reuben Greene) (i4289), b.1868-


Unknown (marriage to Thomas Rodman Rathbun) (i4276) (living status unknown)


Whaly, Susan Amy (marriage to Byron Van Buren Greene) (i953), b.1845-d.1933


Wharton, Elizabeth C. (marriage to William Edward Damon) (i3731), b.1877-


Wheeler, Hannah J. (marriage to Frank Edward Damon) (i3723), b.1849-d.1904


Wilde, Charles (i631), b.1895-d.1971
Wilde, Henry (marriage to Mahala Parasaide Straight) (i630)


Witty, Frank (marriage to Edith A. Secor) (i605)


Wyman, Henry Ward (marriage to Abigail Maria Taft) (i3735), b.1821-


Young, Annie B. (i3647), b.APR-
Young, Bertha Evelyn (i3649), b.1898-d.1987
Young, Child (i3684), b.1900-d.1900
Young, Child (i3685), b.1900-d.1900
Young, Ellis E. (i3646), b.1889-
Young, Elmer Perry (i3683) (still alive)
Young, Ernest E. (i3681) (still alive)
Young, Ethel E. (i3648), b.APR-
Young, Eugene (marriage to Mercy Ann Arnold) (i3590), b.1867-d.1944
Young, Susan A. (i3682) (still alive)

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