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James H. Gardiner
Wickford Standard Times, Wickford, RI, 20 December 1918, page 1-3.

    James H. Gardiner, who departed this life on Wednesday, Dec. 4, at the advanced age of 83 years, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Thos. W. Lewis, in Wickford, was one of an old family. His parents were James and Ann (Harvey) Gardiner, his wife. He was one of 14 children. Among them (and the oldest were) Mary, who married Joram Himes; Susan, who married Thomas Tourjee, Rebecca, who married Nathaniel Smith, Waity, who married Eben Hollis (and who is the only surviving member of the family), Abbie Francis, who married Henry Freeman, Fanny, who married William Huling, Simeon, who was married twice and James H, who married Mary Cavanaugh.
    James H. Gardiner was of religious turn of mind and at qute an early age identified himself with the Church of God and joined one of the local churches. He joined Annaquatucket Temple of Honor 43 years ago. An account of his good nature and the enthusiasm with which he undertook everything, his pleasing manner of speaking in public, and his being a born orator, he was always very popular. There is every reason for his friends to believe that in spite of all the failings he may have been possessed of his spirit has heard the welcome greeting.
    "Well done, good and faithful servant," and has entered in the joy of his Lord.
    He leaves an aged sister, two daughters, a son and a large circle of friends in North Kingstown, South Kingstown and Narragansett to mourn his loss. His mortal remains were tenderly lowered to their last resting place, in the family burying ground at Elm Grove Cemetery, there to await the trumpet call of the Archanged [sic] that shall awake the sleeping dead. A goodly number of the Order he loved stood with bowed heads around the open grave.
    The bearers were Clarke Potter, W. George Greer, Herbert E. Tourjee and Thomas Greene.
             THOS. A GREENE
 Hamilton, Dec 10, 1918. 

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