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James E. Gardiner
Wickford Standard Times, Wickford, RI, 13 December 1935, page 4.

                    JAMES E GARDINER DEAD

    James E. Gardiner died Tuesday morning after a brief illness, at the home of his sister Mrs. Thomas Lewis on West Main street.
    He was born in this town 60 years ago and had worked at various times both at the old Homagansett Greenhouses which used to be on the Duck Cove Farm and the Peter S. Byrnes Greenhouses on West Main street.
    In his younger days, he conducted a sort of boys' club in the little building formerly standing opposite Conroy's store in Hamilton.
    Another sister, Mrs. John Wilson, of Hamilton also survives.
    Funeral services are this Friday at 2 p.m. at Mrs. Lewis' home.

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